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Last updated 18/12/2020
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Question and answer

From 1st January 2021, new rules apply for the execution of freight cabotage, bus cabotage and the road part of combined transport in Denmark.
The rules for remuneration of posted drivers must be applied when companies carry out cabotage with goods where the total permissible total weight of the vehicle or lorry exceeds 3,500 kg, bus cabotage or the road part of combined transport in Denmark.
No. You are only required to provide documentation for the cabotage or road part of combined transport performed after the legislation enters into force, 1st of January 2021. 
No. Drivers are only obligated to provide documentation for those periods in which they have performed either cabotage or the road part of combined transport. 
No. Only when performing cabotage or the road part of combined transport in Denmark are the drivers required to notify the journey and to provide documentation upon request. 
Yes. Changes to the route and the journey can be made to the original notification. 
No. Neither the salary or notification requirements applies to self-employed haulers.
You are required to provide the documentation within a reasonable timeframe. It is possible for the driver to contact their employer or other relevant parts to facilitate the documentation.
Registration of a journey is done with the Danish Business Authority's online solution Register for Foreign Transport Driving in Denmark, which can be found on
The hourly rates will appear on the website of Danish Road Traffic Authority under 'cabotage and combined transport'.
The rates are updated at least once a year. The first adjustment will be made on march 1st 2021.
At the latest at the same time as the journey begins.

The individual company shall register the following information:

  1. Company name, business address and contact information.
  2. Information on type of transport.
  3. Number plate of the truck.
  4. Date of commencement and end of driving.
  5. The identity and contact details of the drivers performing the journey in question.
  6. What type of driving is performed.

The following documents are to be provided upon request:

  1. Notification/documentation of registration/notification.
  2. Employment contract for the driver.
  3. Pay slips or other documentation with similar information, where it is possible to see the method for calculating wages for transport, for the periods during which the driver of the relevant company, within the last year has performed cabotage with goods, bus cabotage or combined transport.
  4. Working time statement for the driver or other equivalent documentation for the same period as the documentation for remuneration and proof of salary payment.
  5. Freight documents, transport contracts or control documents for the same period as documentation for remuneration.
Yes. The documentation must be presented in either physical or electronic form within a reasonable time after the vehicle has been stopped for inspection/control. However, obtaining documentation must not result in a significant delay in the inspection/control.

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